Eric Thuis (1959) finished the Academy of Arts in Arnhem in 1983 and pursued a career as a singer and artist. In the 80’s and 90’s, he became well known as the leadsinger of the Novoband (with several hit records in the Netherlands) and as a musician in tv- and radioprograms. After starting a family, he combined his new role as a caring father with his creativity to conceive his own world. He endlessly searched for shapes and materials to form these images. The focal point of his work began to shift, more and more, from music towards the making of fine art. He made large three-dimensional pieces that are characterized by natural materials and earthly colors. Around the turn of the millennium, began a new phase in his artistic development. He discovered the method of silkscreen printing and was fascinated by the process of putting layer upon layer with each one reacting to the previous. With digital art methods new opportunities came for the use of the silkscreen printing principles. Eric seized these eagerly to develop his images further. The elements that have always defined his work, like the vibrant joining of different worlds, are strongly represented in his latest series. In which Eric continues his search for the organic city, the harmony in chaos… in awe of everything that lives.